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SAFT TL4903S Akkus - Saft TL-5104/S TL4903S AA battery 10pcs


Unsere SAFT TL4903S Akkus sind 100% kompatibel zum .Kaufen Saft TL-5104/S TL4903S AA battery 10pcs, sparen 30%!

TL4903S Akkus spezifizierung :

  • Produkt-Code:ECN11125_PLC_Oth
  • Marke von: SAFT
  • Typ : Lithium
  • Größe : 14mm*50mm
  • Kapazität:1250mah
  • Spannung: 3.6volt
  • Verfügbarkeit: Vorrätig

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Preis :€ 90 € 56.99

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SAFT TL4903S Akkus Ersetzt nachfolgende Akkutypen

SAFT TL4903S Akkus Kompatibel für nachfolgende Ausstattung:

1.High voltage and stable working voltage (OCV >3.67V, voltage >3.0V)
2.Pulse discharge advantage (recommended maximum pulse: a second / minute, 4500mA)
3.More wide working temperature range (-60°C/+100°C storage, -60°C/+85°C )
Low self-discharge rate (less than 1 % after 1 year of storage at +20°C)
4.Higher capacity advantage (1/2AA >= 1.2AH and AA >= 2.7AH)
5.Less self-discharge, longer service life of storage, (less than 1%, 6~15)
6.More outstanding safety performance (no transport limited, UL certification, in line with the EN50020 "European explosion-proof electrical standards" requirements, can be used in explosive atmospheres)
7.Long service life (more than 10 years' track record of History)
8. Replacement For TL-5104, TL-5104/S, TL4903, TL4903S

LS14500 3.6V rechargeable lithium ion battery, capacity 1250mAh used in water meter, meter, gas meter, PLC memory back-up power, public security alarm, instrumentation, automotive electronics equipment, emergency location, special testing electronic equipment and other fields.

Package Include:
10pcs of Saft LS14500 Batteries


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