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MAXELL CR2050HR Akkus - MAXELL CR2050HR button battery nonrechargeable 9pcs


Unsere MAXELL CR2050HR Akkus sind 100% kompatibel zum .Kaufen MAXELL CR2050HR button battery nonrechargeable 9pcs, sparen 30%!

CR2050HR Akkus spezifizierung :

  • Produkt-Code:ECN11128_PLC_Oth
  • Marke von: MAXELL
  • Typ : Lithium
  • Kapazität:550MAH
  • Spannung: 3volt
  • Verfügbarkeit: Vorrätig

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Preis :€ 64 € 40.49

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MAXELL CR2050HR Akkus Ersetzt nachfolgende Akkutypen

MAXELL CR2050HR Akkus Kompatibel für nachfolgende Ausstattung:

Package included: 9PCS
Shelf life: more than 5 years
Manufacturer: MAXELL
Ultra wide operating temperature range from -40°C~125°C.
If other conditions are met, the CR2050HR battery can even work at temperatures as high as 125 degrees celsius.
If you want to use CR2050HR batteries in an environment of over 85 degrees, please consult maxell before you know the conditions of use.
Features: 1. Excellent anti leakage characteristics. It can be used in high temperature environment and high acceleration movement.
2, can be used in a high 2000G (equivalent to the speed of 300KM/h car) movement.
3. After long exposure to high temperature and humidity, good electrical characteristics can be maintained.
Market application:
TPMS (automotive tire pressure monitoring system)
ETC (Electronic Toll Collection System)
Communication labels
Set-top box

OA equipment (fax machines, copiers, printers)
Notebook computer
Desktop computer
Medical instruments, cash registers
FA equipment (measuring instruments, airborne microcomputers, sensors)
Electronic instruments (water, gas, electric power)
Note: CR2050HR battery is one time non rechargeable battery! Please don't put it in the charger! To avoid danger!

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