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KOYO RB-9 Akkus - KOYO RB-9 CR14250SE 3V PLC Battery With Plug


Unsere KOYO RB-9 Akkus sind 100% kompatibel zum .Kaufen KOYO RB-9 CR14250SE 3V PLC Battery With Plug, sparen 30%!

RB-9 Akkus spezifizierung :

  • Produkt-Code:ECN10789_PLC_Oth
  • Marke von: KOYO
  • Typ : Lithium
  • Größe : 14mm*25mm
  • Kapazität:1000mAh
  • Spannung: 3V
  • Verfügbarkeit: Vorrätig

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KOYO RB-9 Akkus Ersetzt nachfolgende Akkutypen

KOYO RB-9 Akkus Kompatibel für nachfolgende Ausstattung:

Model number:RB-9
Cell type:Lithium
Nominal capacity:1000mAh
Chemical properties:non-rechargeable lithium manganese dioxide battery
Chemical composition:positive acetylene black,negative metal lithium,manganese dioxide electrolyte
Battery shape:cylindrical
Packing style:industrial single
Maximum size:diameter 14mm;height 25mm
Style description:This model has 2P original plug leads,can do other styles
Single weight:22g
Storage temperature:23??2??C
Storage life:more than 10 years
Self-discharge rate:2%/year
Operating temperature:-40??C ~ +85??C
Usage time:According to different power consumption,no specific conclusions are made.
Product Origin:Japan
Chemical characteristics:high energy density,long life,stable discharge,high current discharge performance,and wide temperature range.
Note: Do not short circuit,charge,disassemble or heat.If the battery is hot,cut off the power circuit in time.
Application areas:PLC backup memory power supply,CNC numerical control system,counter,touch screen,man-machine interface

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